The Team


Anisha Reddy - Founder and President

I am a senior at Stanford Online High School in Redwood City, CA. I founded Financials4Kids upon realizing that financial literacy is not part of the required curriculum in the state of California. As a result, many youth fail to learn fundamental financial concepts necessary for their transition into adulthood. My academic interests lie in the combination of business and computer science. I hope to integrate both fields and pursue a career in social entrepreneurship. 


Ishan Goyal - Vice President

I am a sophomore at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, CA, who is most interested in the intersection of computer science and business. At school, I nurture these passions as the Vice President of Computer Game Design Club and the Chapter Project Head of FBLA, as well as PR Officer of UNICEF. I am also conducting research in integration of mobile applications for humanitarian causes. I have honed a love for business and finance and placed nationally in various FBLA competitions. I love to play basketball, chess, and read in my free time. 


Mihir Kelkar - Chapter President of Downtown San Jose

I am a sophomore at Lynbrook High School, who enjoys working with students and bringing people together to help those in need. Beyond teaching financial literacy classes, I have helped create take-home materials for Financials4Kids. I often view stocks in my free time and am involved in the economics world. Apart from contributing to my community, I enjoy exploring math and programming, sailing, and playing with my dog. 


Wenxuan (Queenie) Huang - Chapter President of San Diego

I am a senior living in San Diego, California. Three years ago, I moved here from China. I’m bilingual - fluent in English and Chinese and love dancing. I joined Financials4Kids because I was keen on helping youth understand more about personal finance.


Amit Reddy - Chapter President of Palo Alto

I am a senior at Los Altos High School in Los Altos, CA.  I'm passionate about medical research, politics, and speech and debate. I joined Financials4Kids because I believe personal finance is important for all youth - regardless of their academic interests.


Arnav Dixit - Chapter President of San Jose

I am a sophomore at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, CA. I enjoy working with the community to help solve collective problems in society. In the past, I have volunteered to teach financial literacy to elementary school children at Meyerholz Elementary School. I also have led multiple projects catered towards helping the poor and preserving the environment in our community and surroundings. Aside from being involved with assisting the community, I am passionate about in Speech and Debate, FTC Robotics, and DECA. I enjoy working out, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends in my free time.


Amodh Anand - Chapter President of Cupertino

I am currently a sophomore at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California. I have a strong passion for Technology and Business. To nurture these passions and increase my capability in these areas, I participate in clubs such as DECA, Speech and Debate, and Robotics. I joined Financials4Kids because I believe that finance is an important subject that will play a huge role in our future lives. In my spare time, I love to listen to music and hang out with my friends.